Research involving human subjects conducted by UCLA researchers that does not include a Biomedical Intervention is generally reviewed by either the NGIRB, SGIRB, or is certified Exempt. The contact information and summary of responsibilities for the GIRB staff who provide administrative support for the review processes are outlined below.

NGIRB (North General Institutional Review Board) - research from the College of Letters and Science and Professional Schools
SGIRB (South General Instituational Review Board) - reviews social & behavioral research from the Health Sciences Programs (Nursing, Public Health, NPI, Medicine, Dentistry), e.g., QOL, outcomes, epidemiology, behavioral & educational interventions, ISPRC exempt studies

For questions/issues about: NGIRB & SGIRB Contacts
  • Is IRB review required
  • New study applications
Paul Lillig (310) 206-2091
Wendy Brunt (310) 825-4810
Diana Alcaraz (310) 206-7362
  • Amendments
  • Continuing Review
  • Final Reports/Closure
  • Campus consults
Khoi Do (310) 206-2009
Aimee Rhodes (310) 983-3155
Niall Weldy (310) 206-7270
  • Certification of Exemption
Wendy Brunt (310) 825-4810

Page Last Updated: April 24, 2019