What is CITI Training?

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program is a leading provider of research education content. Its web-based training materials serve millions of learners at academic institutions, government agencies, and commercial organizations in the U.S. and around the world. UCLA has chosen to subscribe to the CITI Program for multiple research training requirements, including for human subjects research.

Am I required to complete Human Subjects Protection training? When?

All UCLA Key Personnel involved with human subjects research must have a current and complete UCLA Human Subjects Protection certification via CITI prior to IRB approval of:

  • a new study on which they are named
  • an amendment application adding them to a previously approved study
  • a continuing review application for a study on which they are named

Principal Investigators are responsible for assuring that all Key Personnel on the study have completed the UCLA CITI training requirements.

If UCLA is relying on another institution’s IRB to review your study, then UCLA is usually required to certify to that IRB that all UCLA Key Personnel have completed UCLA’s CITI requirements.

If UCLA is the reviewing IRB for your collaborating sites, then those sites are usually required to certify to UCLA that their Key Personnel have met those sites’ own training requirements.

Key Personnel is defined as the Principal Investigator, other investigators and research personnel who are directly involved in conducting research with study participants or who are directly involved with handling private information related to study participants during the course of a research project. Key Personnel also include Faculty Sponsors who oversee student Principal Investigators in their conduct of human subjects research.

Am I required to take CITI HIPAA Research Training?

CITI HIPAA is required for all UCLA researchers involved in research involving human participants that creates, uses, and/or discloses Protected Health Information (PHI). This includes research that involves the review of medical records or the creation of new medical records or the addition of information to existing medical records.

If you completed the UCLA HIPAA Research training certification course that was offered PRIOR TO 2009 this meets UCLA’s HIPAA Research training requirement and you do not need to complete the UCLA HIPAA course on CITI.

There is no refresher course required for UCLA HIPAA research training.

For additional information on HIPAA, please see the UCLA OHRPP guidance on HIPAA Research Guidelines and Information.

How do I access CITI training?

Anyone who is required to take our UCLA CITI courses must first create an account within the CITI website or affiliate themselves with UCLA if they already have an existing CITI account. All new CITI accounts must be created using your UCLA single sign-on ID. If you do not have a UCLA single sign-on ID, you may create one on the UCLA Identity and Accounts Manager website.

Please view the applicable guidance document below for details about how to link your existing CITI account or how to create a new linked account:

Please note that linking your CITI account to your UCLA single sign-on ID will not prevent access after leaving UCLA.

Do I need to renew Human Subjects Protection Training?

Key Personnel must renew their Human Subjects Protection training via CITI every 3 years. The Refresher Course is comprised of cases and scenarios or summaries of the important concepts for modules in the Human Research Basic Course. Depending upon your Learner Group, you will either complete the preselected refresher modules, or the 2 preselected modules and 5 additional modules of your choice. Each module will require about 5-10 minutes to complete.

You will receive an email notice from CITI 180 days, then 90 days, then 30 days prior to the expiration date for your course, but you may also log on to the CITI website to see when you are due to take your Refresher Course. You may complete the Refresher Course up to 180 days (that is, six months) prior to the expiration date of your current CITI training.

At that time, the Refresher Course in your Learner Group will automatically be populated into your profile/main menu. You will not be able to complete any Refresher Courses until you have completed the Basic Course within your specific Learner Group.

How can I check that my Key Personnel have completed training?

There are two places to verify that personnel have completed CITI training: (1) within the webIRB Training Log for each study and (2) using the CITI Training Lookup tool.

(1) webIRB Training Log:

For detailed information about how to link key personnel's UCLA Single Sign-On (SSO) information to their CITI accounts to enable the display of their CITI training information in the webIRB Training Log for each study, see UCLA Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration for CITI Program Training

Training Log Location in webIRB Workspace:
How to use webIRB Training Log

Sample Training Log Contents:
Sample Training Log Contents

It may take up to two days for your CITI training to appear in the webIRB Training Log once your CITI account has been linked to your UCLA SSO. Please send an email to mirb@research.ucla.edu if your training does not appear in the webIRB Training Log after more than two days.

(2) CITI Training Lookup Tool:

Search for completed trainings by last name, first name, department, and/or University ID number. Please note that this tool requires logging into the ORA Portal using your UCLA Logon ID.

Front page of the CITI Training Lookup Tool

If you have completed CITI training and your name does not appear in the CITI Training Lookup Tool or webIRB Training Log, please visit the CITI Program website to obtain a copy of your CITI certification of completion to provide to the IRB.

Please Note: Completion of CITI training does not automatically create a webIRB account for you. If you need access to view or edit studies in webIRB, please follow these instructions: How to get a webIRB account.

Where can I get more information?

For additional information on the CITI training requirements and how to access the training refer to Frequently Asked Questions.

Page Last Updated: December 17, 2018