The Human Research Policy Board (HRPB) is an administrative board charged with reviewing and recommending policies that affect the protection of human research subjects and is advisory to and appointed by the Executive Vice Chancellor. The HRPB is not authorized to accept or consider appeals of Institutional Review Board decisions. The Executive Vice Chancellor serves as Chair of HRPB.
Reference: Human Research Policy Board By Laws (2009)

Human Research Policy Board Membership

* Voting member
** Non-voting member

Scott L. Waugh, Ph.D., Chair*
Executive Vice Chancellor
Allan Pantuck, M.D.*
Chair, MIRB2
Roger M. Wakimoto, Ph.D.*
Vice Chancellor for Research
Daniel L. Clemens, M.D., Ph.D.*
Chair, MIRB1
L. Amy Blum, J.D.*
Interim Vice Chancellor Legal Affairs
James McGough, M.D.*
Chair, MIRB3
John A. Glaspy, M.D.*
Distinguished Faculty Member
Todd Franke, Ph.D., M.S.W.*
Chair, NGIRB
Ronald T. Mitsuyasu, M.D.*
Distinguished Faculty Member
Thomas J. Coates, Ph.D.*
Chair, SGIRB
Shelley E. Taylor, Ph.D.*
Distinguished Faculty Member
Michael D. Roth, M.D.*
Academic Senate Representative
Susan E. Perry, Ph.D.*
Distinguished Faculty Member
Ann M. Pollack**
AVC Research Policy & Standards
Yvonne J. Bryson, M.D.*
Distinguished Faculty Member
Marcia L. Smith**
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

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